About us


About Digitaliq

Digitaliq AS was established in Bergen in 2016.
In development of the solution, the founders focused on four roles in connection with notification of matters worthy of criticism:
  1. The person who notifies matters worthy of criticism is concerned with reaching out with information to the person or persons who can do something about the situation. They need feedback that the case are being processed and they often want not to be involved.
  2. The person who receives a notification needs guidelines on how a case should be processed, as well as where information can be stored and who should have access to information. Both parties in a notification case have the right to be protected.
  3. The person who it has been notified about, has the right to present his version of the case.
  4. Owners and the board often have little or no knowledge of what is going on in the organization and need information.

Legislative changes in the Norwegian Working Environment Act and EU directives have led to several requirements related to facilitating notification of matters worthy of criticism in the organization. Furthermore, legislative changes related to the GDPR have become increasingly important. Our challenge was therefore to create a system that takes all these changes into account.During these five years, our customers have been important contributors to the solution MittVarsel.no. It has developed into a complex system with a simple user interface.

Our vision, mission and values

Vision: Employees, employees and others associated with the organization must safely notify of matters worthy of criticism that they become aware of. The person who notifies must be rewarded because the person makes an effort so that the management has the opportunity to ensure that the conditions worthy of criticism ceases.

Mission: We help organizations to achieve a good and safe culture by ensuring the entire process through information, notification, communication, case processing and storage in line with the Working Environment Act and the GDPR.

Our values
Generous: We listen, we share and we help when needed as far as possible.

Honesty: We have high morals and are consistent with what we believe in, what we say and what we do 

Solution oriented: To achieve our goals, we will always listen to our customers to develop and improve MittVarsel.no


  • MyVoice  is in line with the Working Environment Act and the EU directive.The portal complies with GDPR legislation. All information received in connection with a notification case is stored in the portal. Only a few have access to read and process a notification. It is registered every time someone opens a case .Security measures such as two-step login have also been added. Only the person or persons authorized by the organization will have access to content in the portal, and a case officer will only have access to the case that has been assigned.
  • The whistleblower are assigned a username and password, which makes it possible to log in to have a dialogue with the case officer.
  • The portal makes it possible for whistleblowers to choose who the notification is to go to, in order to prevent that it goes to someone who is incompetante to process a notification. 
  • Online onboarding and easy implementation