MyVoice contains


  • is a cloud-based digital platform that is available on all digital surfaces
  • is delivered with a standard text on the frontpage that can be easily adapted to each customer.
  • The portal is available in several languages
  • Customers have access to a survey that can be used for risk mapping in the organization. The results from the survey can be used when preparing the ethical guidelines.
  • You will receive suggestions for notification routines that can be edited
  • Secure communication, uploading, storage and case processing in the portal.
  • The customer decides whether to allow anonymous notification
  • No restrictions on the number of caseworkers, administrators and reader users. 
  • The case officer can communicate with the notifyer(even the one who notifies anonymously)
  • In the caseworker module, the caseworker can: invite a co-caseworker, create communication modules, create case documents, and upload files to the case.
  • Management can retrieve reports and statistics from the portal
  • Archiving of the cases in the system
  • Cases can be transferred to a separate archive system
  • As a customer, you get access to all future updates at no extra cost.
  • The solution is to comply with the Working Environment Act, the EU Directive and the GDPR.
  • Two-step authentication and / or SMS code when logging in
  • Geolocation
  • Employees log in via a link on the website, intranet or QR code that is linked to the organization’s own portal.

See an example of what the portal looks like!

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