Whistleblowing for big and small companies.

MyVoice is a digital platform for safe and secure whistleblowing, keeping your company in compliance with regulations.


Did you know…

The Norwegian Working Environment Act requires companies with more than 5 employees to facilitate notification of matters worthy of criticism?

Meets requirements for the Working Environment Act

MyVoice makes it easy to work with whistleblowing for both whistleblower and personnel management.

Compliant with law

Guidelines and routines in accordance with the Norwegian Working Environment Act.

Multiple languages

Norwegian, English, Spanish, Italian, German and more.

Safe and Anonymous

Whistleblower can have anonymous dialogue with the case officer throughout the process.

Reporting and statistics

Possible to retrieve reports and statistics.


Everything gathered

Complete overview of all cases in one unified place. Upload files, invite external caseworkers, set status and process whistleblowing safely and secure.


Simple and secure

It should be easy to whistleblow, either as an employee or externally employed. Describe your report, choose if you want to be anonymous and submit.

Hear it from

our customers

“… It’s easy to cooperate with MyVoice. They have been responsive to our input and have quickly adapted the solution so that it meets our needs in this area.“


Anonymous dialogue

With MyVoice you can enter into dialogue with whistleblower in a safe and secure way. Whistleblower can choose to remain 100% anonymous throughout the entire process.


Statistics & Reporting

Possible to get reports and statistics. Easy for both you and the person you are reporting to.

Our lowest price

Get started with a tool that takes whistleblowing seriously.

per month


Adapted to you

MyVoice is adapted for both large and small companies and have a flexible price model that reflects this.