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Digital cloud solution

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Easy and user-friendly

Because it pays off…

By facilitating whistleblowing, the board and management show their support for the employees. As a result, well-being is increased, and sick leave reduced.

Adapted to the legislation in Norway and in the EU

Adapted to the Working Environment Act, GDPR, the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Act.


Information is encrypted. All users are assigned a username and password. Safe and secure dialogues, even with anonymous whistleblowers.


Cloud solution that can be used 24/7/365 in several languages. Available on all digital platforms. Get a whistleblowing poster with your own QR code for your unique portal.


For employees, managers, the board and employee representatives. Online courses and webinars in line with current guidelines and legislation.

Roles in

Whistleblower, caseworker, administrator, reader. Easy to create new roles.

Easy to tailor solutions

Mapping of risks, routines for whistleblowing, ethical guidelines, case processing and statistics.

Is it profitable to facilitate whistleblowing?

Good working environment

With clear ethical guidelines, good whistle-blowing routines and visibility of the consequences of breaches of regulations, the employees experience that the management takes whistleblowing seriously.

Reducing sick leave

21% of employees become ill as a result of poor working environment. (source:


Facilitating whistleblowing gives a preventive effect, so that conditions worthy of criticism do not arise. If it does happen, the employee will have the opportunity to whistleblow early in the process, before the relationship gets a chance to escalate.

Builds a good reputation

We can all attach positive, negative or indifferent feelings to an organization, and we assume that most people like to be identify with values and a good reputation. Good reputation attracts several good candidates for vacancies. If the organization has a bad reputation, you will most of the time have to pay more when hiring skilled, new employees.

During bids, a buyer will prefer a supplier with a good reputation, rather than one who has whistleblowing cases covered in the media.

Thank you for seeing the importance of whistleblowing!

The system and the facilitation exceeded our expectations, so we chose to also use it for external whistleblowing.

—With good assistance and fast response time, we set up the notification portal very quickly and adapted exactly as we wanted. The portal protects data security and whistleblower anonymity. It also ensures us a good and secure case processing of whistleblowing cases. It has been useful for us to have a system that ensures that everything is logged, and that communication and documents are gathered in one place. We only have good experiences with the system as well as the follow-up from MittVarsel.
Norges Fotballforbund

It is easy to collaborate with MittVarsel.

—MittVarsel has been responsive to our wishes and has quickly adapted a solution that covers our needs in this area.

We are very pleased with both the user-friendliness and the follow-up on training and handling.

—HENT AS sees the importance of having a secure digital whistleblowing channel, so that the company can receive and follow up whistleblowing of matters worthy of criticism in a structured and secure manner that both protects the person who notifies and ensures a correct procedure.

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