IT & Security

Security is critical. Data is stored securely and in accordance with the GDPR.
MyVoice's philosophy regarding security is very simple. Everything that goes on in the MyVoice system must be encrypted with the most secure technologies available, so that personal sensitive information does not get lost.



All end-to-end communications are encrypted with industry-standard 256-bit SSL connectivity. Certificate is issued annually by Let's Encrypt / Verisign.

Person-sensitive information (case details, customer information, etc.) is stored in our cloud solution and encrypted with AES-128.



The database layer is built on open-source technologies MySQL and MongoDB. All data is securely mirrored to three separate locations to maintain redundancy.


Secure-access and login

Passwords in the system are automatically generated and act as a key to access relevant content. It is not possible for the Supplier to access information if passwords are lost.


Backup, rolling-release and maintenance

Backups are made twice a day. Backup is stored in three separate locations. New functionality, system maintenance and system updates follow the rolling-release model. The launch of new features, changes or updates does not therefore cause system downtime. Changes are made to Git, and it is arranged for roll-back should the need arise.


Measures to protect against data breaches

Measures are expected to be taken to safeguard against data breaches:

  • Software maintenance
  • Update to the latest versions

Encryption, obfuscation of person-sensitive information, and password auto-generation mean that any data breach will be of little use and only show general information



MyVoice has an internal API that can be used for integration with third-party systems, such as archive systems. MyVoice API is flexible and can retrieve and pass on the necessary information in a safe and secure way.


Technical specifications

  • HTTP Server: Apache
  • Database: MongoDB/MySQL/Redis
  • Backend: Java/PHP
  • OS: Ubuntu LTS
  • Server: Scaleway/DigitalOcean

Whistleblowing. The easy way.

Myvoice makes it easy to work with whistleblowing for both whistleblower and personnel management.

Compliant with law

Guidelines and routines in accordance with the Norwegian Working Environment Act.

Multiple languages

Available in several languages ​​such as Norwegian, English, Spanish, Italian and German.

Safe and Anonymous

Guidelines and routines in accordance with the Norwegian Working Environment Act.

Reporting and statistics

Reports and statistics gives you a fresh perspective on whistleblowing in your company.