Flexible solution


Flexible solution

All our clients have their own whistleblower portal, and through MyVoice you get the opportunity to decide whether the whistleblower cases should be processed internally, or externally by a lawyer or an adviser with experience from similar cases.

With MyVoice you get

  • Access to resources such as templates for ethical guidelines and notification routines.
  • Access to survey to identify the risk of criticizable conditions in the company.
  • No limit on the number of caseworkers and administrators in the portal.
  • Access to several languages
  • Access to all functions such as case processing, dialogue function, statistics and more.
  • Webinars for caseworkers and administrators.
  • The price includes two hours of counseling and training, as well as one hour of support with the first notification case.
  • Free use of technical support in the portal.

Adapting the portal to your organization
If your organization wants to make further adjustments on your portal, we offer help to prepare and adapt the profile, preparation of ethical guidelines and routines for whistleblowing. Price. NOK. 795, – per hour. Contact 462 98 666 to make an appointment.

External notification reception 
We offer experienced advisers with different expertise, who can receive and evaluate the incoming notifications. Our subcontractors have expertise and experience from the public and private sector. Lawyers and advisers can assist the organization with receiving notifications, categorization, casehandling and proposals for conclusions. 

Get the portal in place on 1-2-3
It’s easy to get started with a digital portal for whistleblowing. The price of the portal is calculated based on the number of employees in the organization. You will get access to an online course for the administrator, which explains how to set up the portal. You have access to two hours of counseling and training if desired. Book an appointment on mobile 462 98 666 or [email protected].