MyVoice is now updated in accordance with the EU directive

MyVoice is now updated in accordance with the EU directive

The work of establishing as a portal for notification of matters worthy of criticism was started in 2016/2017. The background was that we wanted to offer a digital portal in connection with the Norwegian law on notification, which came into force in July 2017. After launch, the system has constantly been given new functions in line with customers’ needs and changes in regulations. MyVoice is now updated according to the EU directive which enters into force in December 2021.

Our customers now have access to a survey to map the risk of objectionable conditions in their own organization, and whether the employees are confident that the management will handle a message in a good way. MittVoice provides the opportunity to notify by name or as anonymous, and the notifier can have a dialogue with the case officer. Users can upload documents and the responsible caseworker can process cases in the system. You get access to statistics divided into categories, and you store cases securely on your own domain. All information is encrypted and all activity is logged. As an added security, we have two-step login and geographical location when caseworkers and administrators log on. We have put in place QR codes that can be used on posters that are hung up in common areas / break rooms, so that those who use mobile phones can scan and report matters worthy of criticism. When a case has been processed, the case officer is asked to provide feedback to the whistleblower.

We have built a scalable solution that allows us to create a portal for a new customer in minutes. If you do not have ethical guidelines and routines for notification, you will receive suggestions from us that you in collaboration with the employees can adapt to your own business. In the beginning, we spent a day training caseworkers. Now we do it in 30 minutes.

In December 2021, the EU directive on notification will enter into force, and there are the following requirements:

  • The employer is required to establish channels and routines for internal notification and follow-up
  • The notification channels must protect the identity of the notifier
  • The whistleblower must receive a confirmation within seven days and a response to the case within three months.
  • It is a requirement that the notification channel must enable both oral and written notification.
  • The notification channel must facilitate notification via telephone or other audio messaging function, as well as enable physical attendance.

Today, 23 August, we launched an audio alert function for our customers. This means that the whistleblower can read in a message about matters worthy of criticism. 12 languages will be updated in the portal during the day. 

Do you want to test the solution? If you choose to notify anonymously, write down your username and password.

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