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Report anonymously

Report anonymously if you want to report with your ID hidden, it might be due to fear of negative consequences, or other reasons. Be aware that anonymous reports will be more complicated to handle. Undocumented allegations that concerns others, are often difficult to prove, or handle. Remember you can always choose to identify yourself at a later stage in the process if wanted.

Report by name

If you report by name you will identify yourself, making it easier to involve you as the case progresses.

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Reporting routines

  1. ‘Whistleblowing’ is the act of drawing public attention, or the attention of an authority figure, to perceived wrongdoing, breach of regulations, misconduct or unethical activity at work.
  2. As an employee you have the right to notify of such incidents within the company. It is desirable for the company that employees and hired workers do so to be able to rectify the circumstances and to settle the matter.
  3. In cases of suspected criminal offenses, you may have a duty to notify the company. You also have a duty to declare harassment, discrimination and circumstances that could endanger the life and/or health of persons.
  4. As an employee, you are first encouraged to notify your supervisor or your elected representatives. If you are not heard or the case is not followed up, please use the notification/whistleblower portal.
  5. If you want to remain anonymous, you can use the notification/whistleblower portal without first consulting the management. If the circumstances to be reported of involve your supervisor, or you do not trust the management or the elected representatives, the notification/whistleblower portal can be used without notifying the management.
  6. It is required that you follow the guidelines when notifying. Whenever possible, please try to address the circumstances with your leader or elected representative. You must not notify in a manner that is harassing, unnecessarily hurtful or stressful for individuals and/or for the collegial environment. Allegations of doubtful value should not be notified against better judgement.
  7. Alerts through the notification portal are received and processed by a law firm. The content of the alert will be reviewed before recommending following procedure of the notification. The law firm may contact you via the notification portal for more information.
  8. A representative of the company's management not affected by the content of the notice will be informed of the notification. He/she will determine the further actions based on the recommendations of the law firm.
  9. After assessing the information obtained, it will be determined whether there is a need to implement measures and the content of the measures required. The management of the company will make the final decision on the matter.
  10. A person who gives notice (‘whistle blower’) has the right to protection against retaliation from the company. This applies to all forms of retaliation, e.g. withholding tasks or information, or termination of the employment contract. The content of the notification or the identity of the person will be held confidential to the extent that is possible.